Professional Cre-Away creosote and tar removal / modifier

Professional Cre-Away creosote and tar removal / modifier

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The CreAway application process may require an on-site inspection, but please call Andy Barnes on 07973616261 in the first instance to discuss your requirements. It is often possible to establish what will be needed following a telephone call in most cases.

We do cover many areas of the UK and are likely to be able to solve the tar issue in a timely manner so you can carry on lighting your fire safely.

As a rule, treatment requires one to two applications and then a sweep to make safe a chimney or flue, although this will vary depending on size and condition. Once the first treatment has been applied you can use your fireplace or wood burning stove as normal.

So, if you can smell tar, or have been advised by your sweep you have shiny black deposits in your chimney or flue give just us a call on 07973616261 and we can offer our best advice on the solution. Having provided many customers with Cre-Away tar modifier solutions for nearly seven years we have considerable experience in fixing this common problem.

Tar build up in an open fire or wood burning stove is not unusual, but once it has happened it cannot be removed through the normal sweeping process alone and is, unfortunately, the  main cause of domestic chimney fires. The good news, is it can be fixed.

The service also includes establishing the most likely cause (or causes) for the tar build-up in the first place so we can advise how to avoid it returning in future - which is just as important.