Winter Is Coming....

Winter Is Coming....

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Summer Soot Falls

Now is the high season for soot falls - where damp soot from fireplaces which have not been used for a few months, or even weeks, gets heavy and is liable to drop into your hearth. And into your room - covering carpets, chairs and everything else with smelly, dirty, black powder. I'm already having to help out customers who've experienced this. It only take one serious rainstorm to tip the balance and down the soot will fall. Please get swept folks!


Summertime Sweeping

Sometimes you're tempted to pay the customers for the privilege. Only kidding. Nice though.

Summer is here - let's lose the soot!

Summer is here - let's lose the soot!

Even those of us who feel the cold - myself included - know that with the longest day (21st of June, since you ask) around the corner we're all just a bit warmer. My customers are all aware of the need to get the last Autumn and Winter soot swept away to avoid smelly chimneys, smoky stoves and - worse case if you fire up next Autumn without being swept - deposits of tar and creosote causing chimney fires. Seriously though, these are far more common than many people realize and are an avoidable risk. Please don't leave your chimney...

Now Is The Time To Sweep Your Chimney

This is the most important time of the year to get your chimney or stove flue swept. Clearing soot prevents it getting damp over the summer, resulting in a tar or creosote build up. These are highly flammable and are the principal cause of chimney fires.

As a professional Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps member we always advise customers to have their appliance swept in late Spring or early Summer. This maintains the integrity of the flue - especially where stainless steel liners are under guarantee subject to correct maintenance.

Even if you only have your chimney...