Seriously, we've had a long cold autumn and winter...

If you've been using your fireplace or stove more than usual then please stay safe and get swept. Sweeps are Safety 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Read here


Would You Like A Cup Of Tea Or Coffee?

For the avoidance of doubt, to all our customers - old and new - this the Gold Standard. Incidentally, an after dinner mint is also much appreciated...


Wood Burning - How to Avoid Tar Forming in Your Chimney

Wood is an excellent fuel. It is plentiful, and renewable. It can often be sourced very close to the point of use and is nearly carbon neutral.

Think of a piece of wood as a block of energy. In order for that energy to be turned into heat, it must be burned at the correct temperature.

If it isn’t burned at the correct temperature, it will smoulder. This will result in very little/no heat being emitted. So it’s not only a waste of your money, but it also pollutes the...

Bit Chilly

Bit Chilly

Bit cold outside. Wood burning stoves and open fires need sweeping if they've been in use for 3-6 months. Don't gamble with having a chimney fire.


BBCRadio4 Journalist spends a week with a Guild Sweep in Cambridge

An insight into a Sweep's day: @BBCRadio4 journalist spends a week as a sweep in Cambridge. The Chimney Doctor Limited do just the same in Oxford.