Wet Wood? Banning Wood Burning Stoves? No - Fake News.


Honestly, I'm disappointed. I would have thought the newspapers would have learned from having to compete with online news sources not to write rubbish. Or to burn it in the wood burning stoves many of them own.

Anyway. I'm just posting the facts.

1) The Westminster-based Government are phasing out household coal (this is not really news as it has been in the public domain and discussed for nearly two years).

2) Household coal is the nasty stuff that causes acid rain and is highly polluting. So, good riddance to be honest.

3) Smokeless coal is fine. Will be sold for the foreseeable future.

4) Wet wood. Is what it sounds like. You can buy wet wood for the next few years still in bulk if you wish. It has always required around 2 years storage after purchase to dry before burning. Not many people do this, to be honest. Why would you?

5) Seasoned wood. 12-20% moisture content suitable for burning on open fires or wood  / multi-fuel stoves. Nothing has changed.

6) Kiln dried wood. Same as above, but speeded up by drying to same moisture content. Often superior product as it happens.

There you go. No one is taking away your wood burner but the newspapers have sold a few more copies. Best use for newspapers - by the way - is to scrunch the pages into a long tube then tie in a loose knot. That way they don't unravel when you use them for kindling.

All the best!

Andy Barnes

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