Wet Wood? Banning Wood Burning Stoves? No - Fake News.


Honestly, I'm disappointed. I would have thought the newspapers would have learned from having to compete with online news sources not to write rubbish. Or to burn it in the wood burning stoves many of them own.

Anyway. I'm just posting the facts.

1) Her Majesty's Government are phasing out household coal (this is not really news as it has been in the public domain and discussed for nearly two years).

2) Household coal is the nasty stuff that causes acid rain and is highly polluting. So, good riddance to be honest.

3) Smokeless coal is...


Building A Snow Dog

#SweepSafe - Get Swept in the Summer

Getting your fireplace or stove swept may be the last thing on your mind. But this a gentle reminder that now is the time to get any open fireplace or wood burner done to avoid soot falls in your living room and blocked stove pipes. Don’t leave it to luck - call the professionals. #StaySafeGetSwept @SweepSafeUK #chimneysweep #lookforthelogo #hetas #steampunk #sweepsmartsummer

Spring Clean Your Chimney

Spring has finally sprung - so as the wood burning season comes to an end, it's important to get a clean sweep from The Chimney Doctor for your wood burning stove or open fire. Call Andy on 01280 847 414 / 07973616261 or if you prefer email - it's always best to get swept at the end of the season rather than leave it until the autumn.